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Eric Reeter
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Am I dependable and work well with others?

A firefighter must possess...

  • Mental alertness Courage Endurance Strength
  • Self-discipline Mechanical Aptitude Good judgment
  • Sense of public service Initiative

Fires and other emergencies claim thousands of lives and destroy billions of dollars’ worth of property each year. A firefighter’s job is to help protect the public against these dangers. Firefighters are frequently the first emergency personnel on the scene of a medical emergency or a traffic accident and of course, may put out fires, treat injuries or perform necessary tasks.

Firefighters have taken on a wide range of responsibilities, including emergency medical services. In fact, most calls to which firefighters respond involve medical emergencies, and approximately 50% of all fire departments also provide ambulance service for victims. Firefighters are trained in emergency medical procedures, and many fire departments require their firefighters to be certified as EMTs as well.

Job Opportunities

  • Firefighter Airport Fire Personnel
  • Chemical Plant Fire Personnel Grassland/Forest Firefighter
  • Hazardous Materials Specialist Forest Fire Inspector
  • Fire Prevention Specialist Fire Inspector
  • Fire Investigator
  • Firefighter I & II

Course Requirements

  • Module 1. Orientation
  • Module 2. Personal Safety
  • Module 3. Fire Behavior
  • Module 4. Building Construction
  • Module 5. Alarm and Communication
  • Module 6. Breathing Apparatus
  • Module 7. Portable Extinguishers
  • Module 8. Forcible Entry
  • Module 9. Ladders
  • Module 10. Ropes
  • Module 11. Hose, Nozzles and Appliances
  • Module 12. Water Supply
  • Module 13. Fire Streams
  • Module 14. Ventilation
  • Module 15. Salvage and Overhaul
  • Module 16. Sprinkler Systems
  • Module 17. Emergency Medical Care
  • Module 18. Rescue
  • Module 19. Fire Control
  • Module 20. Protecting Fire Cause Evidence
  • Module 21. Fire Prevention and Education

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