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Scholarships Sought for Diapers & Diplomas
Funds would pay for adequate day care for students' children
C-T, Thursday, September 16, 2010

C-T Photo/Laura Schuler

CAPTION: Preschool students at "The Pink House" work on activities this morning. As well as providing a lab classroom for students pursuing careers in child care services, Diapers 'n Diplomas also provides daycare for parents enrolled in secondary and post-secondary education. However, the recent economic downturn has caused the early childhood education program to seek scholarships which will be used to help parents who are pursuing higher education pay for day care at the facility.

A Chillicothe R-2 program that provides day care for parents enrolled in secondary and post secondary education as well as a lab classroom for students interested in pursuing a career in child care services is seeking donations for scholarships.

Pam Miller of Diapers 'n Diplomas or "the pink house," as it's commonly referred to, says the challenging economic times has brought about the need for additional money so that parents interested in furthering their education may have adequate day care for their children. "When the program first began, there were scholarships available that helped parents who did not qualify for assistance from any other source," she said. However, that money has long since disappeared and the early childhood center has survived for many years without it.

"But times are tough and families are having a great difficulty in finding care for their children that they can afford," Miller explained. She noted that necessary changes have been made in the program over the years. For instance, in the past, parents were only charged only for the time their children were in day care, but today, parents must pay a flat rate, whether their children are in care or not. And, as in the past, any families needing the program receive child care subsidies from the state. However, the state only pays about $10 for a preschool-aged child and parents must pay the difference.

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