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Building Trades Home 2018

The school board approved the bid for the 2017-18 building trades home on Tuesday evening, May 16, 2017, as submitted by Clint Williams. Williams submitted a bid of $21,350. It will be located .5 miles from Chillicothe on Route V.

Buyers Information Sheet for 2017-2018 Carpentry House
Bid Deadline was 1:00 PM, May 15, 2017
Sealed bids delivered or mailed to Grand River Tech School, 1200 Fair St, Chillicothe, MO

  • Minimum Bid - $15,000 (50% payable at date of contract signing) to build your house

  • Grand River Technical School owns 3 lots in the Christison Addition in Chillicothe. We would sell any of the 3 lots to the winning bidder for $20,000 per lot and build your house on that lot. In this scenario, you would pay the school $20,000 for the lot plus the fee for building your house (minimum bid of $15,000).

  • Buyer must furnish complete set of plans with bid.

  • Site must accommodate school bus, job trailer, student cars, etc.

  • All building supplies will be charged directly to the buyer (local accounts must be established).

  • Buyer will reimburse GRTS monthly for any school purchased building supplies.

  • Buyer understands that GRTS will stop construction on the house on May 15, 2018 or last day of school.

  • Buyer is responsible for finishing the house if not completed by end of school year.

  • GRTS instructors will schedule sub contractors.

  • GRTS instructors will complete applications, inspections, and digging permits (buyer will pay).

  • All plans and specs will be evaluated by GRTS to determine the best fit for the goals of the Building Trades Program.

  • GRTS has the right to accept or refuse any and all bids.

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